Angel Acres Farm

Ashley, Sarah & Brandon

Sisters Ashley and Sarah Armstrong founded Angel Acres Farm in the fall of 2020. Here's a snippet of our story as to why we started farming...

After battling several years of poor health, we eventually find that the body requires real food in order to heal. Real food, grown with no toxic inputs, as nature intended. That is why we set out to raise our food ourselves, so we knew we could actually trust the quality. We established "Angel Acres Farm", which began as a colorful flock of 8 layer birds, and quickly grew to over 1000 birds as more and more supporters demanded our regeneratively raised, low PUFA, corn & soy free eggs, due to the egg-ceptional taste, quality nutrition, and farming practices we follow to this day.

But, we'll admit it. There's more to a fabulous, nutritious diet than just eggs. Which is why we began milking our dairy goats, each morning and evening, to enjoy the highest quality dairy we could find - one that matches the quality of our eggs. And then came the lamb, whose regular rotational grazing transformed our land from a previously mono-cropped, degraded field into a beautiful, thriving perennial pasture. This also resulted in the most nutrient dense lamb meat (in all of the land!)

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As we continued to learn and expand, we added a third member to our team at Angel Acres: Brandon Embree, Sarah's now-fiance who was able to super-charge a lot of the farm work, adding his strength, durability, and fix-it attitude to our day to day chores. With more man-power came more expansion -- our first grove of pigs and meat birds of the forest ("tree range chicken"), two ventures that Brandon oversees.

Brandon has also brought a ton of automation to the farm. Regenerative agriculture is very hands on, with daily moves and tending to the animals -- something that cannot be done without human supervision and action. However, Brandon has helped us improve efficiency by building automation into our daily chores - like feeders that move with the coop during the daily rotation, or a watering system that fills up on its own.

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Even still, we're just 3 people, and what we learned in year 3 is that we can't do it all on our own. This is where the value of community became apparent, which is why we established Nourish Cooperative, a Private Member Association (PMA). Clean, nourishing, real food should not be hard to access. It should be available to all. And it is our mission to be your reliable, trusted source of a wide variety of healing foods so you can continue to nourish yourself and your family to enjoy good health.