ABF Farms

Isaac Tobin & Family

Meet the Tobin family – Carrie, Isaac, Mckenna, and Ben – the visionary founders of ABF ("Always Be Farming") Farms, founded in 2019. Our story is rooted in a deeply personal journey, one that began with a parent's battle with dementia and led to a profound realization about the transformative power of proper nutrition. Driven by a desire to make a difference, ABF Farms emerged as a beacon of regenerative farming, with a steadfast focus on building soil to produce nutritionally dense food that can prevent sickness and disease.

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ABF Farms stands as a testament to the belief that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of disease prevention. The realization that nutrient-dense food could hold the key to safeguarding health and wellness resonated deeply with us. Through regenerative practices that prioritize soil health and biodiversity, we are committed to producing food rich in essential nutrients – nourishment that supports the body's natural defenses against sickness and disease.

The transformational journey of ABF Farms is a reflection of our commitment to fostering well-being – not only for individuals but for the planet as a whole. By nurturing the health of the soil, we aim to cultivate health in its entirety – from the microorganisms beneath the earth's surface to the individuals who partake in the harvest. Our farm is a testament to the interconnectedness of all life!

The partnership between Angel Acres & ABF Farms started with lamb. Below you can view a YouTube video all the way from 2021 where we toured the Tobin's farm to introduce their practices to our supporters! Our partnership & both our farms and visions have grown since then, and the outcome is Nourish Cooperative. All of us here at Nourish are honored to provide our nutrient dense, farm fresh foods to you and your family.