Larger Bees

Beef Cattle

Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed & finished, thriving outdoors all year round! They have open access to a diverse diet of fresh pasture during warmer seasons and nutrient-rich dry pasture during colder months. They never receive steroids, antibiotics, dewormers, or vaccinations.

Our cattle are regularly rotated to fresh grass, which is not only beneficial for the animals, but also for the land. We are committed to regenerative farming, giving the land a chance to rest, recover, and build back stronger. No chemicals or GMOs!


Dairy Cows

Our dairy cows enjoy their time grazing outside on fresh pasture during the warmer months, and they feast on nutrient-rich dry pasture, also known as hay, during the winter. Their diet is exclusively grass-fed, no grains, ever. We take pride in cultivating our pasture and hay to the highest standards. Our cows' feed is also always free from chemicals and GMOs.

All of our dairy products are A2A2, which is scientifically shown to be easier to digest than most conventional dairy. We also offer raw and non-homogenized dairy. Our dairy products are low in PUFA, thanks to our cows' grain free diets.



Our chickens are mobile pasture raised, meaning they always get to enjoy fresh pasture to forage on! This also helps ensure we give the earth the time it needs to regenerate and heal, by never overworking one area of the land. 

In addition to the bugs and seeds they find in the pasture, our chickens are supplemented with organic, non-GMO, corn & soy free, low PUFA feed. They are also 'needle-free', meaning we never use antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines.

Our poultry is air-chilled, meaning no chlorine bleach baths, no chemicals, just fresh, clean meat!


    Laying Hens

    We believe that healthy birds = nutritious eggs! Our laying hens have regular access to fresh pasture and new bugs to allow for a wider nutrient intake. 

    Since chickens can't survive off of grass alone, we made our own feed, which contains no corn or soy, meaning less of the bad fats (PUFAs) and more of the good fats (saturated fats) - to support optimal health and metabolism, as Mother Nature intended. 

    Our laying hens are 'needle-free', meaning they will never receive antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines. 



    Our yaks are raised by our friends, the Olson Family, at the Maple Row Sugarhouse Yak Ranch right down the road. They are 100% grass-fed! 

    Ruminant animals, such as yaks, can receive all the nutrients they need from grass alone, meaning that 100% of our yaks diets consist of pasture (during the grazing seasons) and stored grasses (hay) during the winter months - no grain. They are also provided with free-choice minerals to ensure optimal health. They receive no antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, or GMOs, ever.


    Dairy Goats

    Our raw, A2A2 goat dairy is easy to digest! Our dairy goats are pasture raised, as well as regeneratively raised, meaning they are moved to fresh pasture regularly, for their health as well as the health of the soil. 

    They are supplemented with organic, corn & soy free, low PUFA feed. No chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs- ever!


    Dairy Sheep

    Our sheep dairy is raw, A2A2, and 100% grass-fed! Our sheep are never administered antibiotics, or hormones for faster growth. Our farming practices yield healthy animals, so there is rarely a need for routine medications, and we never use chemicals or GMOs. 

    Our sheep are pasture raised, with ample access to fresh pasture. They are also regeneratively raised, meaning they are rotated to fresh pasture to allow for the earth to heal, leading to good soil health.



    Our lambs are 100% grass-fed and finished, which means that 100% of their diet consists of pasture (during the grazing seasons) and stored grasses (hay) during the winter months - no grain ever. The animals are also provided with free-choice minerals to ensure optimal health.

    Our lambs are never administered growth hormones for faster growth, chemicals, GMOs, or antibiotics.



      The type of fats in the final meat product is impacted by what the hogs eats. So, we made the only low PUFA feed out there- which means that our final product has one of the healthiest fat profiles of pork that you can find. Significantly less of the bad fats, and more of the good, metabolism-supporting fats!

      Low PUFA, corn & soy free, no antibiotics, no hormones, no vaccines, ever. Pasture Raised. Regenerative. Organic, custom made feed. No Chemicals. No GMOs!



      We offer 100% raw, unfiltered honey. No chemicals, no additives, and no GMOs, no matter what!