How to Produce the Healthiest Foods Imaginable

Ashley Armstrong, one of the co-founders of Nourish Cooperative, was recently interviewed by Dr. Mercola. WATCH INTERVIEW ON BITCHUTE OR TUNE IN ON APPLE PODCAST "The interview above features Ashley Armstrong, who's an expert in two areas. One is producing some of the healthiest food in the United States, and the second is understanding how your body uses it and how to select the right types of food to optimize your biology, based on the late Ray Peat’s principles of bioenergetic medicine • Low-carb/high-fat diets ultimately backfire because it inhibits glucose metabolism, which is the most efficient form of energy production, and impairs thyroid function • One of the reasons why ketogenic and carnivore diets are usually helpful for a time is because, if implemented properly, you’re radically reducing your intake of omega-6 fats, linoleic acid (LA) in particular, which is one of the primary drivers of ill health • LA is a primary driver of disease, in large part due to its detrimental effect on mitochondrial function and, hence, energy production • Your body has a certain amount of energy and a number of biological processes that it can turn on or turn off with that energy pool. The more energy you have available, the more functions your body can turn on. When your energy production is lower than required to maintain all functions, your body must downregulate certain functions, which ultimately results in problems • One of the easiest ways to assess how much energy your body is producing is to take your body temperature. Take your temperature 30 to 40 minutes after breakfast and midday. You want to see a rise in temperature."

Genetically Modified Ingredients in Most US Cheeses

90% of the cheese made in the US is made with a genetically modified ingredient, which you will NOT find in our cheeses! We prefer that cheese is made in the traditional way, as nature intended. Check out the post to learn about how a genetically modified ingredient was introduced into the cheese making process in 1990, and how this can have negative long term health consequences.