Revolutionizing The Way We
Nourish Ourselves & The Land.

It's no secret that the current food system isn't serving our bodies, the land, or the animals. So we’re opting out and building something NEW… a food system without any secrets or hidden agendas, run by farmers who are incredibly passionate (obsessed) with food production, and deeply care about your health.

Nourish Cooperative is a real food community founded by the 'Strong Sistas' Ashley and Sarah Armstrong. They got sick at an early age, and learning more and more about how broken our food system is helped them better understand WHY they got sick. Both regained health with REAL food - which is unnecessarily hard to source these days. (So they wanted to change that)

They started their own regenerative farm as first generation farmers with a human-health focus (Angel Acres) - but quickly realized it is impossible to do it all! (produce eggs, beef, chicken, pork, dairy, sourdough, & more!) This requires a partnership of like-minded farmers!

Embarking on a journey rooted in their shared passion for health, sustainability, and community, Ashley and Sarah joined forces with Isaac Tobin & family (a fellow first generation farmer) to create Nourish, an innovative regenerative farm cooperative, born from a collective desire to revolutionize the way families nourish themselves while embracing the natural wisdom of the land.

What sets us apart is that...

  • we recognize that what your food eats, matters. So we are very picky with the feed our farm partners feed the animals (which is why we made our own feed! Did you know that most feed is high in the toxic and inflammatory fats found in seed oils?)
  • we have a say in EVERY step of the production process (for example - we ensure each processor does not allow chemicals to be sprayed on carcasses after butcher, and all of our cheese makers are required to use animal rennet, not Pfizer's microbial rennet).
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Our Vision for Nourishing Families

At the heart of Nourish Cooperative lies a vision to transform the food system. We recognized the profound impact that food choices have on individual health, well-being and the environment. Driven by this understanding, we embarked on a mission to provide families with a transformative experience – one that reconnects them with the essence of real, unadulterated food as Mother Nature intended and has the potential to radically improve their health.

Regenerative Farming for a Sustainable Future 

Nourish Cooperative stands as a beacon of regenerative farming practices, a commitment to cultivating food in harmony with nature. By eschewing toxic inputs and embracing methods that mimic the natural rhythms of Mother Nature, our partnership of small, like-minded farms ensure that every product is a testament to the resilience and vitality of regenerative agriculture.

Low PUFA Real Food: Nurturing Health from Within 

Understanding that food is more than sustenance – it's medicine – is one of our primary priorities as we build out offerings from Nourish. A huge emphasis of ours is to maintain the standard of low PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) content in our food. With unwavering dedication, we have curated a selection of offerings that prioritize this standard -- ranging from items such as chicken to milk. By providing food rich in nutrients and low in harmful PUFAs, we empower families to make informed choices that support long-term well-being.

No Toxic Inputs, Only Healthy Outcomes

All of Nourish products are made with zero toxic inputs - no chemicals, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, antibiotics, GMOs, stabilizers, filler feeds, and so on. We pride ourselves in being completely toxin-free, so our members can rest assured that the product they're nourishing themselves & their family with is 100% clean and health promoting - a rare thing to come by these days.

A Hub of Connection and Accessibility 

Nourish Cooperative transcends the conventional boundaries of a farm. We recognized the need of community and partnership soon at our beginnings, when realizing the demand for this type of farming and food is high, but it takes more than two sisters, and even more than just two farms. Hence, Nourish is a vibrant hub where community, education, and accessibility converge. Through workshops, events, and an open-door policy, we have cultivated a space where families can engage with their food source, learn about regenerative practices, and truly understand the journey from soil to table. Further, we help fellow farmers transform their current practices to become more regenerative, which will help make a larger impact on the world. Stay tuned for future opportunities for farm stays and hands on farming experiences for our members!

Our Carefully Crafted Partnerships

We carefully source our products from small family farms that utilize regenerative farming practices. Through a rigorous vetting process, we ensure that these farms provide healthy living conditions for their animals without the use of toxic chemicals on the land, and without hormones, antibiotics, mRNAs, and other medications. By paying our partner farms above market prices, we enable them to sustain their operations, contributing to the longevity of their farms.

Rest assured, we take care of the vetting process so you can enjoy our products with confidence, knowing that each product reflects our commitment to responsible sourcing.

Cultivating a Movement 

The story of Nourish Cooperative is a testament to the power of collaboration, shared values, and a steadfast belief in positive change. We have ignited a movement that stretches beyond the boundaries of our farms – a movement that envisions a world where families are nourished by food that heals, sustains, and uplifts.

Join us on this journey towards a future where nature's wisdom guides our nourishment, and where we are leading the charge towards a more wholesome and connected way of living.